About Us

Well hello there! Welcome to toptentopten.com, home of the most passionate top ten list loving community on the planet. We simply love ranking stuff. We love it so much we take it a step further and actually rank our rankings. We list our lists! That's where the name comes from. Every top ten list has a ranking. The top ten top ten lists for the entire site are displayed on the homepage.

And if you go to our Sports category, you'll see the top ten sports top ten lists. If you go to our Food category, you'll see the top ten food top ten lists... Just look around! There's top ten top ten lists all over the place!

So how can a top ten list make the top ten top ten list? I'm so glad you asked! Lists can move up and down in the rankings based on how many views, comments, and votes they receive.

Votes? Yes, sweet mother of Mary, there's voting! If someone wants to craft an original list and "make it votable", the entire community can then rearrange and edit the list, moving items up or down or off of the list entirely depending on their opinion. If there’s something that’s not on the list that you think should be on there, go ahead and add it yourself. If enough people agree, it’ll get on the list.

You could even create your own top ten list if you were so inspired. If your list earns enough points it could even become a top ten top ten list someday. Imagine that! Your list will be on the homepage and you'll be a star!

So get off this "about us" page already. Get out there and enjoy the site!

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