Mobile apps are being very popular from last 3 years. Mobile application development is quite popular these days. Here are the top iOS apps which are popular among the app users.
Mobile apps are being very popular from last 3 years. Mobile application development is quite popular these days. Here are the top iOS apps which are popula...  more


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WineMatch Connect

To help wineries connect directly with consumers, consumers will be able to take a picture of the QR codes for specific wines at an event. These wines will get added into their favorites with one of four ‘ratings’ and then wineries can be given information on which wines people liked and also given a lead list on who liked their wines.



MyTrainerGPS App

My Trainer GPS is a professional healthcare technology company. This company has developed an integrated algorithmic platform that precisely matches an exerciser to the best health, wellness, and fitness professional(s) that fulfils one’s needs and goals within a specific desired location.


Lyricz Music Sharing App

SimPalm has developed Lyricz iPhone App for another great social networking music sharing experience. Share your music like never before. Lyricz App user can take 5 to 30 seconds of music snippets and add their own pics and then Save/Share on social media or text message.


GhostPost Fun Messaging App

SIMpalm designed GhostPost is a fun messaging application. GhostPost make your messaging experience more exciting because it is an ultimate Social Messaging Application by anonymous messaging and then claim posting.



Bar & Club Stats ID Scanner

SIMpalm have designed Bar & Club Stats ID Scanner App for MillerCooler. This app is a ID scanning Software for both iOS and Android Mobile.

BCS ID Scanner is designed to protect your NightClub, Bar, Casino or retail establishment from fake IDs by using your phone camera to scan Barcode IDs. BCS is the best age verification solution on the market that reads driver licenses from all 50 stats an all canadian provinces.


This ‘r Nothing App

SIMpalm designed This ‘r nothing app to boost personal productivity in daily life. To eliminate distraction and multitasking by creating focus on single task. This app is very simple to adopt in any one life. You need to just put on the task and amount of time that you will give.

When the cycle begins, you will do This (the activity) OR, if you don’t feel like it, nothing’ absolutely nothing. For every This ‘r Nothing cycle that you successfully complete, you will receive a marshmallow. If you interrupt a cycle, you will receive a burnt marshmallow.4



Audio Chef App

Audio Chef is designed for real time audio cooking book. A cooking app with audio files that allows the user to listen to audio in real time as they are making a meal. The audio describes in detail every step needed to complete a meal. A cookbook, cooking class, and lesson in cooking efficiently all in one.

The user gets out the ingredients and equipment needed then simply follows along with the audio.



Slyde App

Gain flexibility and freedom by accepting payments through your mobile device using Slyde™ by Payments Gateway. Easy to use and Slyde-1highly intuitive, this app lets you accept credit/debit card and eCheck payments anywhere, anytime from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, so you’ll never miss a sale. You’ll have every function you need for a mobile POS, making it ideal for companies that conduct business in the field such as delivery services, in-home sales, service technicians and more. The sturdy, professional-grade MagTek® iDynamo reader encrypts data upon swipe.


Podium Cue App

Podium Cue was designed by communicators for communicators. The clean editor helps you write and podiumcue-150x150arrange your talks in a very structured way that keeps you on point. 
How many times have you used an illustration or story that connected powerfully with your audience only to walk back to your notes and loose the moment because you can’t find the next point? Even if its just a few seconds, great speakers know timing is everything! With Podium Cue this will never happen again.



Tripfriend App

TripFriend is specially designed for Vacation or Event during Travel exclusively those who are going with you same time and same place.

When you Travel with TripFriend it makes you journey more interesting by connecting your unknown TripFriend.

It’s all about connection, TripFriend make this possible to discover those who are going to your destination with you. By TripFriend you can do lots of fun loving activity like Discover New Friends, To know more about you Destination, learn more about, and be reminded of, events and activities going on during your stay.


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