THE TOP TEN Outdoor Sports
Now that summer is here and the sunshine has us out and about more, what’s the sense in confining yourself to the local gym to get your workout? Parks, mountain trails and mountain faces will be busy with people using the outdoors as their way of getting a workout which will leave you leaner and feeling better, physically. Our partners at AXA PPP healthcare have put together a top ten list of sports that may already interest you or possibly encourage you to do something new!
Now that summer is here and the sunshine has us out and about more, what’s the sense in confining yourself to the local gym to get your workout? Parks, moun...  more


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Uphill Sprinting

Uphill sprinting, whilst brutal, is one of the most effective methods for improving strength and speed and also helps burn fat very quickly. If running isn’t cutting it for you then this is the ultimate in outdoor activities. The high intensity cardio work out that you get will help strip fat and increase your fitness levels to no end! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!




Tennis is a fun sport to play and is very noticeably more popular in the summer months most likely due to Wimbledon taking place during July in the UK. It is fantastic for working the upper body and is also a great workout for the legs and for the heart. There are lots of clubs around the UK and lessons are freely available from local sports facilities.



Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great way of improving your core muscles and is a fantastic alternative method to doing pull ups. There are often lots of rock climbing clubs and facilities in city areas to get practice before hitting the great outdoors and for safety’s sake it is better to go with friends or in a group.



Cycling/Mountain Biking

Cycling is an amazing and fun way to stay in shape. Whether you have an old, less modern bike or state-of-the-art titanium framed one they are still fun and an excellent way of reducing body fat, improving leg muscles and getting in a good shape. There are lots of places for mountain biking that can be found online as well as routes for those who like to keep it in the city on their racer bikes.




These two sports, although played predominantly in the colder months, are great for staying in shape and can be played anywhere. Football may be a little kinder to you than rugby; with less impact on the body unless you are a glutton for punishment and both are great for cardio work outs. Those that play regularly will have strong, toned legs.




Lots of parks now have circuit facilities which allow you to have your gym workout in the outdoors, leaving behind the sometimes stifling, smelly, crowded gym and allowing you to have your normal workout in the open. The popularity of boot-camps has also increased with many groups now being formed and this can be great for motivation. Having people going through the same lung-busting routines as you can really help.



Water sports

Water sports are great for toning up as well as giving you a great cardio workout. Sports like rowing and kayaking can help with upper body exercising, are great fun and replaces the rowing machine in the stuffy ol’ gym. Swimming is also a great way to give the body an all over workout too, but do be careful, especially if it is outdoors. Always make sure there are appropriate safety measures in place.




Running is a fantastic way of keeping toned, and an excellent way of burning fat. Like walking, the only thing you need is a pair of comfortable trainers and somewhere to run to! Running also slows down the ageing process as it promotes the human growth hormone, helping keen joggers feel and look younger.




For people who are able to rollerblade, this is a great way of keeping in shape and getting out and about. By rollerblading your abs, legs and hips get a great workout and your body won’t suffer the impact on your joints that running may cause (assuming, of course, you’re able to remain upright).




While not as high octane as, say hill running, taking a walk for 20 minutes can reduce the chances of heart attacks and helps with weight management. An excellent choice for those looking to regain lost fitness or “treading” lightly into becoming healthier, happier people. All that is required is a comfy set of trainers, a route and off you go!


[source: AXA PPP healthcare ]

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