THE TOP TEN World's Most Expensive Steaks
Rob Baedeker

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It's a steak with the texture of foie gras, and it comes from cattle that, according to legend, are fed beer and massaged by human hands. In its raw state, the meat is pale--almost white--packed with what Chef de Cuisine David Varley of Las Vegas' Bradley Ogden restaurant calls "an ungodly amount of fat."

This marbled delicacy is the product of Japanese beef cattle, or "Wagyu," raised both in and outside of Japan, and it dominates high-end steak menus internationally. We spoke with chefs and managers at fine steakhouses worldwide, as well as beef producers, butchers and meat experts, to compile our list of the world's most expensive steaks. Wagyu entrees account for all of our top ten...
Rob Baedeker Choice cuts It's a steak with the texture of foie gras, and it comes from cattle that, according to legend, are fed beer and massaged by h...  more


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Private-order "103" Wagyu rib eye at Craftsteak New York

This 40-pound steak (about 20 lbs. after cooking), was prepared for a private party at Craftsteak New York. Oven roasted in its entirety, the steak was served medium rare with a golden-brown crust. Although not listed separately here, Craftsteak New York's Japanese Kobe filet, at $30 an ounce, works out to $240 for an eight-ounce serving and could comfortably rub haunches among our top ten.


Charbroiled Kobe Filet, Aragawa, Tokyo, Japan

$258 for a roughly eight-ounce (250 gram) serving
Aragawa charges a base price of 20,000 Yen for a 150 gram serving, and 5,000 Yen for each additional 50 grams. The steak is charbroiled and served with pepper and mustard sauce.
011 81 78 221 8547


Select Special Kobe Filet at the Kobe Renga-tei Steak Restaurant

24,000 Yen ($246) for a 160 gram filet with salmon, salad and dessert
The all-female chef team at Renga-tei browns their Kobe filets on a one-inch thick copper and iron grill; the meat is covered with a fine Japanese paper, a method inspired by professional sumo wrestlers of yore. The steaks are served on "tachikui-yaki,"the Hyogo prefecture's traditional pottery.


Australian Wagyu Striploin at the Al Muntaha restaurant, Burj Al

AED 620 ($169)
Al Muntaha's executive chef Jean Paul Naquin selects the highest-grade Australian Wagyu, which he says is "exceptionally tender, juicy and flavorful." The striploin cut weights in at 300 grams (10.5 ounces). The Burj Al Arab's beach restaurant is also home to the Wagyu burger, which is sold for AED 419 ($114).


Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye at Wolfgang Puck's CUT in the Beverly Wil

$160, eight-ounce filet ($40 for each additional two ounces)
Chef Ari Rosenson seasons the filet ("True Japanese 100% Wagyu beef from Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan") with salt and pepper, then sears the meat under a 1200-degree broiler and then finishes it slowly over a charcoal and oak grill.


"Wagyu no sumibiyaki" at Zuma, London

£ 70 ($132)
Zuma's Robata grill serves this Wagyu beef filet sliced, with soy and wasabi, atop a hoba leaf.


Sendai Sirloin at the Ekki Bar & Grill, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo

15,000 Yen ($129)
Chef de Cuisine Edward Higgins grills and slices this 150-gram Wagyu sirloin from Japan's Sendai region, then serves it alongside a vegetable pissaladiere and tops the meat with black truffle jus.


Australian Wagyu Fillet Mignon at the Polo Club, in the Marriott

RUB 2720 ($101)
This 12-ounce fillet mignon is grilled to order and served with tomato sauce on the side.


Smoked Salt American Kobe Rib Eye Cap Steak at BLT Prime, New Yo

The top of the rib eye is surrounded by fat. When trimmed, the meat in the middle is called the cap. Chef de Cuisine Laurent Tourondel prepares this fatty delicacy by marinating it in smoke liquid, then grilling it and seasoning it with BLT's house-smoked sea salt.




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